Adventurer King Poporing AdvKingPopoBar
Type: EliteBoss Attribute: Plant
Behavior: Aggressive Attack: Melee / Ranged
Element: Wind EXP: 579
 Summon Slave - Adventurer King's Fission Fragment
 Polymorphed - Turns enemy into a monster for 3 seconds.  Unable enemy to perform an action.
 Addicted - Enemies' HP Decrease by 13 every 2 seconds for 5 seconds
 Ignite - Enemies' HP Decrease by 17 every 1 second for 5 seconds
 Addiction AOE - Causes a green puddle to appear on the ground.  Anyone standing in in takes a damage over time and receives Addicted debuff, which deals Damage Over Time after leaving the AOE.
Breaking Up  - Monster breaks into many pieces, summoning 4 smaller poporings.
Job: ???
Main: ???
Khara: Who's the True Explorer of the Wolves' Cave? It's Moi!
Normal Drops
Rotten Molars GlovesRotten Molars SandalsSticky JellopyRotten Molars Leather GlovesRotten Molars Leather BootsRotten Molars Armguards • Rotten Molars Brogans • 
Quest Drops
Gathered Items
Thick Cotton Twine
Wolves Cave (Normal)
Adventurer KingPoporing AdventurerKing PoporingMap


Credits to:Nex.Zero

A rather simple battle. Let your tank aggro the boss, while your DPS' attack mercilessly. Whenever he casts his AOE, quick reactions to leave it immediately are advised. Sometimes he will Morph a party member before casting the AOE directly on them, making them unable to escape it for 3 seconds. Prepare a heal or potion in this case.

When he breaks up into pieces and summons his poporing, quickly take care of them before they trouble the DPS or Healer. Besides this the only thing noteworthy is that he randomly applies Ignite to a random ally, causing them to lose a small amount of health for over 4 seconds, which can cause problems.

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