Andanora King AndanoraKingBar
Type: MiniBoss Attribute: Plant
Behavior: Aggressive Attack: Melee
Element: Poison EXP: 159
 Attack Speed Increase - Increase Attack Speed by 20 
 Berserked - Enraged and Violent!
 Summon Slave -Andanora's Friend
Job: ???
Main: Flip King Request (2)
Khara: ???
Normal Drops
• Andanora King Card • Monster Fragment(I) • Plant Stem • Blue Potion(II) • Purple Potion(II) • 
• Earthly Trace(I)Small BagRoot of Life(I)Firmament Essence(I)Spirit of Ruin(I)WIS Boost Potion(II)
Quest Drops
• Flip Hair Ornament •
Gathered Items
• Tough LeafCommon Cotton ThreadThick Cotton TwineVery Thin Cotton Thread
Eastern Mjolnir Mountains
Andanora King
Andanora KingMap


A straight forward battle awaits you within the Elemental Forest. 

Simply focus all your efforts on him, while having potions on hand if you are soloing him. Without a healer or potions this fight won't last long.

Other then that simply spam your abilities on him, as he has no real spells on his side. He buffs his own attack speed by 20 at one point, after summoning 3 adds to protect him, which you can safely ignore as they die the second the boss is defeated.

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