Bell Wing BellWingBar
Type: MiniBoss Attribute: Insect
Behavior: Aggressive Attack: Ranged
Element: Water EXP: 110
Hit Decrease - Decrease Enemy's hit by 56 for 5 seconds
Summon Slave -  Bell Wing's Mate
Straw Stroke - Deals enemy certain amount of damage.
Job: ???
Main: Bell-Patterned Butterfly
Khara: ???
Normal Drops
• Sanctuary Shoes • Root of Life(I) • Bell Wing Card • Guard's Sandals • Butterfly Wing Powder • 
• Monster Fragment(I) • Guard's Shirt • Grassland Leather HoodEarthly Trace(I)Small BagMonster Fragment(I)Blue Potion(I)Red Potion(I)Instant Jellopy PuddingInstant Pollen CakeInstant Jellopy SaladSpirit of Ruin(I)Instant Pollen DelicacyInstant Pollen Half-Moon Rice CakeInstant Pollen Soup
Quest Drops
Gathered Items
• Butterfly Tube •
Eastern Mjolnir Mountains
Bell Wing BellWingMap

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