List of all monster skills :)

(Someone help me with the icons XD Xoxo, Akineishtar <3)

Icon Monster Skill Target Effect
Curse of Weakness Enemy Increase Attack Power  by 25 Increase Magic Power  by 25
Strongness Self Increase defense by 76
Armor Rip Enemy Decrease defense by 49 to 67
Increase Icon
Movement Speed Increase Self Increase Movement Speed by 50%
Increase Icon
Attack Speed Increase Self Increase Attack Speed by 34
Hemorrhage Enemy Decrease HP by 7 every 2 secs
Addicted Enemy Decrease HP by 18 every 2 secs
Slow Down Enemy Decrease Movement Speed by 60%
Berserked Self Enraged and violent!
Increase Icon
Enrage Self Increase Attack Power by 75% or Increase Attack Power by 43
Ignite Enemy Decrease HP over 4 sec
Morph Enemy Turns enemy into a monster for 3 sec.  Unable enemy to perform an action.
Addiction AOE Enemy / AOE Causes a green puddle to appear on the ground.  Anyone standing in in takes a damage over time and receives Addicted debuff, which deals DOT after leaving the AOE.
Breaking Up Self Monster breaks into many pieces, summong 4 smaller mobs.
Strong Will I Self Decrease the duration of immobilize effect


  • Somersault: Does a somersault which damages and causes anyone hit by it to be stunned for a few seconds.
  • Bloody Roar: Decreases Armor and Attack Damage by 20 %
  • Ground Split: Red Scar splits the ground beneath him, summoning a burning AOE that causes 60 % Slowdown, as well as dealing massive damage to anyone standing anywhere near it.
  • Enraged!: He doubles his own Attack Damage.
  • Spiderweb: Throws out an AOE Spiderweb that remains for 10 seconds. After standing on this web for one second, your movements speed is decreased by 60 % and your attack speed is decreased by 30, until you leave the spiderweb or it disappears.
  • Poison Spit: An AOE, debuffing everybody with Addicted, causing them to losing HP every second over 3-4 seconds.


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