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Monster Summon Collection

Ragnaron Online II's pet system is called the Monster Summong Collection system, where a player can summon monster to fight and assist them in killing enemy.  These summoned pet would last for an specific amount of time and could give buffs to their masters, debuffs to enemies or help attack a target.

Summon List

You can view the summon list by pressing the "[" key or by going to Menu and click on the system Icon.



How to Summon Pet?


Monster drops DNA Fragments and Binding Protein. For example, a Boa would drop a Boa DNA Fragment

By right clicking these DNA Fragments, you can get different types of Boa DNA Fragments: 

  • DNA Fragment A
  • DNA Fragment T
  • DNA Fragment G
  • DNA Fragment C


You need all four fragments from one monster.  After completing the four letter type of dnas, you need a DNA Binding Protein In order to combine them into one pet DNA. You will have to put DNA Binding Protein at the middle of the four DNA fragments before pressing the key "Combine". 


After fusing the fragments into one specific dna fragment, the pet DNA will be visible at your inventory and is ready for summoning. Right clicking these DNA will then be able to summon the pet monster.

You can now summon the pet by right clicking the icon or by using hotkeys. You can increase the pet attributes of the pet by increasing its level.


Pet Leveling

The max level of a pet is Level 4. You can increase its level by obtaining certain numbers of pet dna fragments.

Pet Summoning Cooldowns

98 pets - 30 second cooldown

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