List of Quests

Main Quests 

Main Page: ( Main Quests ) (Main Quest Descriptions etc.}

Side Quests

Main Page: ( Side Quests ) (Side Quest Description Etc. )

Class/Job Quests

Level 1 - 10

Recommended Level Level 1 - 10 Job Quests
Level 10
Level 10
  • Do You Want to Be A Sorcerer?
  • Stia's Test (1) - 3:00 mins
  • Stia's Test (2) - kill Wind Spirit
  • Stia's Test (3) - 3:00mins
  • Stia's Final Test
  • Way of the Sorcerer
  • Enraged Lucy - WIzard

  • Guardian Demeter: Awakening
  • Guardian Hoenheim: Covenant
  • Guardian Hoenheim: Growth
  • Guardian Hoenheim: Awakening
  • Guardian Vulcan: Covenant
  • Guardian Vulcan: Growth
  • Guardian Vulcan: Awakening
  • Guardian Beriel: Covenant
  • Guardian Beriel: Growth
  • Guardian Beriel: Awakening
  • Merchant of Alberta
  • Bandit Wildrose
  • Knight Commander's Summon
  • Knightage Test
  • Wild Q-Pang (1)
  • Wild Q-Pang (2)
  • Wild Q-Pang (3)
  • Qualifications of a Knight (2)

Daily Quests

Daily quests are available from South Plain onwards. It can be otained from List Boards that can be found from each map. They are similar to Monster Buster quests but give more reward. The best part is, it’s free.

Recommended Level Daily Quests
Level 13
  • Request: Outlaw of the Carrot Field
  • Request: The Ecosystem's Destructive Culprit
  • Request: To Train the Pecos
Level 20
  • Request: A Trend in Cooking
  • Request: The Culprit Behind the Vandalized Walls
  • Request: Rare Mushroom Monster Extermination
Level 27
  • Request: Collect Miho Jade Ornaments
  • Requeset: Material for Perpetual Fire
  • Request: Snake Heaven

Union Quests

Repeatable Quests List

Daily quest

Monster Buster Quest

Main Page: (Monster Buster )

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