Skills are special actions available to each Class. As a Class gains Class exp, new Skill levels for that Class become available every odd level. Improving skill levels costs skill points. The Player acquires 3 predetermined skills at level 1.

Job SwordMan 01

Swordsman Skill Tree


Magician Skill Tree


Archer Skill Tree

Job Knight 01

Knight Skill Tree

Job Warrior 01

Warrior Skill Tree


Wizard Skill Tree


Sorcerer Skill Tree


Ranger Skill Tree


Beastmaster Skill Tree


Thief Skill Tree

Job Acolyte 01

Acolyte Skill Tree


Assassin Skill Tree


Rogue Skill Tree

Job Priest 01

Priest Skill Tree

Job Monk 01

Monk Skill Tree

Guardian Skills

Once your "Guardian Gauge" becomes full it will flash and glow. You can then press "v" or click the Profession Emblem next to the Guardian Gauge to call the Guardian for a certain amount of time.

Once activated Guardians have powers that increase a players skills up to a maximum of 30 seconds. These powers allow the player to use exclusive skills. These exclusive skills are strong but the more you use the exclusive skills the faster Guardian Mode is depleted. The Guardian and exclusive skills you gain depends on your profession. As your profession level increases you will become more powerful.

Guardian Skills (Active) Skills (Passive) Profession


Decreases opponent's physical defense

Increases summoner's physical defense Blacksmith

Lusty Smell

Inflicts Poison on enemy

Increases the summoner's natural HP regeneration Chef

Acid Terror

Deals physical and magical damage to a single enemy

Increases summoner's magical defense Alchemist

Shining Gimlet

Deals ranged physical dmg to a single enmy

Increases the summoner's evasion Artisan

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