Dual Dagger of the Ruined Spirit
Dual Dagger of the Ruined Spirit

Bind on Equip
Dual Dagger: Right Hand
Required Level: 28
Required Class: Rogue

STR 26
AGI 11
VIT 24

Attack Power 78
Attack Speed 1.2
Range 2
Dyeable: NO
Sales Price: Rupee 360

CRAFTING: Dual Dagger of the Ruined Spirit

Required Materials:


Number of items needed

Material Name
Iron ingot11
11 Iron Ingot
Dazzling Trace Crystal2
2 Dazzling Trace Crystal
Emperiuml Anvil10
10 Emperium Anvil

Learn recipe at Profession Job Level 28

Learning Fee: Zeny 1, Rupee 696


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