A part of Mjollnir Mountains that divides Frontera and Ashkaron Empire in half. All four side are surrounded by mountains and the field is covered with the magnificent flora and fauna of the land.

Type: Field



Main Article on NPCs

General Monsters

Level Monster Name Level Monster Name
1 Baby Thiefbug 1 Fabre Baby
5 Chonchon 6 Chonchon Brother
6 Fabre 6 Lonely Rocker
6 Rocker 6 Romantic Rocker
7 Creamy 7 Fancy Creamy
7 Needle Fabre 7 Sonic Creamy
8 Giant Flip 8 Great Flip
9 Dark Acolyte 9 Dark Priest
9 Low Pagan Attacker 9 Low Pagan Illusionist
9 Low Zealot Scout 9 Low Zealot Warrior
9 Suspicious Man 9 Suspicious Woman
10 Amber Andanora 10 Amethyst Andanora
10 Andanora 10 Mutant Swamp Thiefbug
10 Swamp Thiefbug 10 Smelly Swamp Thiefbug
10 Weak Brownie 11 Brownie
11 Wise Brownie

Summoned Monsters

Level Monster Name Level Monster Name
1 Chonchon Bebe (2) 1 Pupa
3 Healer Rocker 5 Bell Wing's Mate
6 Andanora's Friend 6 Flip King's Servant

Mini Bosses

Level Monster Name
6 Dragon Fly
6 Vocal
7 Bell Wing
7 Slowpoke
8 Fake Flip King
8 Farshe Secher
10 Andanora King
12 Sentinel of Nature

Elite Bosses

Level Monster Name
11 Red Robberbug

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