(Monster Status Bar) Elder Gedenhard 
HP: 105000 SP: 240
Level: 39 Type: EliteBoss
Attack: Melee/Ranged Attribute: Humanoid
Element: Fire Behavior: Aggressive Exp: 1332
Skills: ???
Quests: ??? Khara: (Dungeon) Truth about the Abandoned Laboratory; It wasn't Abandoned
Normal Drops: ???
Quest Drops: ???
Location:  Abandoned Laboratory (Mapple)
(Visual Map showing monsters location)


Credits to: Mpifire3

TIPS: After Elder Gedenhard gets his HP around 50 000, he teleports in the center of the circle nearby (where Invincible Venom was) and summon 4 mages that summon a creature. You have 15 to 20 seconds to kill those 4 mages (dont bother about Elder at this moment, focus on the mages) before they summon Death Clap, a Butterfly-bumblebee-ish thing thats does about 5000 damages on 1 hit. If you kill the mages before the summon, you almost succeeded to kill this boss.

Recommenced party: 4-5 members (1 member per mage summonned) It is possible with 3 members lvl 42 or higher.

Credits to: Unknown Contributor

-Cast many abnormal Status ( Reduce HIT, etc.) -Summon magical illusion -Cast summoning ritual, which appear to summon a moth When summoning, there are 4 priestess standing in a circle. If the summoning succeed, the moth will spawn

Notes1 CONDITION : HP LOWER THAN 50% OR REACH 50.000 Elder Gedenhard will teleport to middle of the circle ( Place of Invicible Venom ) when he is about to use the summoning ritual.

Notes2 The summoning Ritual summon a moth The moth is INVICIBLE, it will kill players on one hit To prevent that, you must kill all 4 priestess when the ritual begins -The ritual is a long cast, so it will easy to take of each priest -Each priestess HP is 2500

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