Farshe Secher FarscheSecherBar
Type: MiniBoss Attribute: Humanoid
Behavior: Aggressive Attack: Ranged
Element: Fire EXP: 126
 Hemorrhage - Decrease Enemy's HP by 3 every 2 seconds for 7 seconds
Slow Down - Decrease Enemy's Movement Speed by 30% for 5 seconds
 Enrage - Increase Attack Power by 32
Drop Attack - Deals enemy certain amount of damage.
Job: ???
Main: Ballein's Revenge (1)
Khara: ???
Normal Drops
Farshe Secher CardRipped FabricFirmament Essence(I)Spirit of Ruin(I) • 
• Grassland Leather HoodGrassland SandalsEarthly Trace(I)Small BagMonster Fragment(I)Root of Life(I)Firmament Essence(I)Blue Potion(I)Purple Potion(I)Earthly Trace(I)Instant Jellopy PuddingInstant Pollen CakeInstant Jellopy SaladHealth Boost Potion(I)Guard's ShirtGrassland TrousersWIS Potion(I) • [Grassland Leather Gloves]] • Guard's Leather HoodMedium Bag Guard's StaffGuard's BowGrassland Staff
Quest Drops
Gathered Items
Common Cotton ThreadThick Cotton TwineVery Thin Cotton Thread
Eastern Mjolnir Mountains
Farsche Secher Farsche SecherMap

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