Former Glory
Quest Starter: Knight Kalain Quest Turn In: Knight Kalain
Level: 2 Job: Any
Type: Main Time Limit: None
EXP: 5 Money: 0 Zeny 1 Rupee
Items: Red Potion(I) (2pcs) • Blue Potion(I) (2pcs) •
Quest Series
Previous: None
Next: None
Speak to Knight Kalain again

"(Kalain is munching on the mushrooms and petals.)

Oh, come to think of it, have I ever told you that I took part in the subjugation of the Freyjanity while I was with the Knightage? No? (Starts eating another piece of mushroom.) Now that was something. The elites of the Prontera Knights attacked the Freyjanity's Laboratory. We were faced with many hideous, unknown creatures and powerful Freyjanity Acolytes...

Oh? Not interested? I can see your boredom's written all over your face."


"It still makes me shiver just thinking about it.

If only I could go back to those days, I could be the leader of the Prontera Knightage instead of Zeras. (Kalain finishes eating the mushrooms.) That was a good meal!

What, you're still here? Go on! Academy students should be studying.

Oh, if you got lost, you can take a look at the World Map. You can thank me later! 

Western Mjolnir Mountains

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