Glutton Fabre Glutton FabreBar
Type: General Attribute: Insect
Behavior: Passive Attack: Melee
Element: Earth EXP: 138
 Pork Belly (5Layers) - Receive damage 99% decresse
 Strong Will (I) - Decrease the duration of immobilize effect
Job: ???
Daily: • Outlaw of the Carrot Field  •
Khara: ???
Normal Drops
• Sharp Prick • Grassland GauntletsEarthly Trace(I)Fabre CardRoot of Life(I)Purple Potion(I)STR Boost Potion(I)Blue Potion(I)Spirit of Ruin(I)Instant Jellopy SaladGrassland ArmguardsWIS Boost Potion(I)
Quest Drops
Gathered Items
• High Protein Collagen •
South Plain
Glutton Fabre Glutton FabreMap


Credits to SunDeath

Note: When they use their Pork Belly skill, you need to use Dr. Jacob's Pesticide on them in order to do damage to this monster.

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