Lady Rodafrog LadyRodafrogBar
Type: General Attribute: Fish
Behavior: Aggressive Attack: Melee
Element: Earth EXP: 182
 Slow Down - Decrease Enemy's Movement Speed by 30% for 3 seconds
Hindleg Jump - Deals enemy certain amount of damage.
Job: ???
Side: Poisonous Rodafrogs
Khara: ???
Normal Drops
Sticky Webbed FeetDEX Potion(II)Red Potion(II)Root of Life(I)Purple Potion(II) • STR Boost Potion(II)Rodafrog CardAmbush Leather GlovesSwamp Leather GlovesEarthly Trace(I)INT Boost Potion(II)Medium BagMonster Fragment(I)AGI Potion(II)
Quest Drops
Gathered Items
Frog Egg
South Plain
Lady Rodafrog Lady RodafrogMap

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