Mastering MasteringBar
Type: MiniBoss Attribute: Plant
Behavior: Passive Attack: Melee
Element: Wind EXP: 15
 Summon Slaves - Fission Lump
Job: ???
Main: • Mastering?! •
Khara: • The Poring Menace •
Normal Drops
 • Jellopy • Mastering Card • Purple Potion(I) • Instant Pollen Cake •Red Potion(I) • Earthly Trace(I) • 
• Small Bag • Instant Seasoned Antenna • Supersmall BagMonster Fragment(I)Root of Life(I)Firmament Essence(I)Blue Potion(I)Instant Jellopy PuddingInstant Jellopy SaladSpirit of Ruin(I)
Equipment Drops
 • Training Helm • Training Pants • Fine Training Brogans  • Fine Training Jacket  
•  Fine Training Armguards • Training Bow • Training BootsTraining Leather Hood • Fine Training Leather Boots • Fine Training Helmet
Quest Drops
Rare Jellopy
Gathered Items
• Edible Jellopy • Very Thin Cotton Thread • Common Cotton Thread • 
• Thick Cotton Twine •
Western Mjolnir Mountains
Masteringx MasteringMap

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