Format for monsters page:

Baby Poring
HP: 61 SP: 120
Level: 1 Type: General
Attack: Melee Attribute: Plant
Element: Wind Behavior: Passive Exp: 10
Quests: Statue of Ignatz
They're too strong!!
Khara: ??
Normal Drops: JellopySupersmall BagSmall BagMonster Fragment, Root of Life(I)Will Potion(I),
Firmament Essence, Blue Potion(I)Purple Potion(I), Poring CardNovice Leggings,
Split Piece 2Earthly Trace(I), Red Potion(I), Common Cotton Thread, Thick Cotton Twine, Edible Jellopy, Very Thin Cotton Thread
Quest Drops: Wet Crib Sheet
Location:  Western Mjolnir Mountains

General Information: Name: Name of the monster

Level: Level of the monster.

Type: The type of monster is either:

  • General  
  • Elite
  • Raid Elite
  • Raid Boss

Attribute: Attribute of the monster is either:

  • Plant
  • Humanoid
  • Insect
  • Animal
  • Fish
  • Demon
  • Metal

Behavior: The behavior of the monster is either:

  • Passive - Needs to be attacked first.
  • Aggressive - Attacks whoever near it.

Map: Place of the monster

Drops: Drops by monster (Do not forget to link it to the page of the item)

Categories At the right side of the monster page you creating, dont forget to add the following categories as shown below.

If the unknown categories has been filled up, delete the Unknown categories tagged into it, so it wil be removed from the list of monster that has unknown information.


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