Quest Name: Not my Fault Quest Starter:  Down Beorg
Level: 1 Quest Turn in: Kose
Zeny: 0 zeny 18 Rupee Exp: 73
Rewards: Location:  Western Mjollnir Mountains
Missions:  Deliver the following item to Kose: Useless Crib Sheet Series: Previous: 

They're too strong!!

Next: None

Deliver the Useless Crib Sheet to Kose down the path from the main building.

Hmm.. Could you return this crib sheet to Kose? I borrowed it from him for the test... I wonder what he has to say about his crib sheet being wrecked like this... Oh well. Just give it to him! If he asks, pretend you don't know!!
Don't say a word, just return the crib sheet to Kose.

What's this?

Beorg told you to give this back?

No way...!!! My crib sheet!!!!!! I didn't even let Rosel, the cutest at the academy, get a chance to use it!!

Darn it, Beorg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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