Quest Name: Outlaw of the Carrot Field Quest Starter:  Southern Plains List Board
Level: 13 Quest Turn in: Chief Carrot
Zeny: 0 zeny 823 Rupee Exp: 3503 
Rewards: Location:  South Plain
Missions:  Get rid of Glutton Fabre 0/3 Series: Previous:
Hunt the Glutton Fabre at the Carrot Village carrot field. If the defense of the Glutton Fabre increases, use 'Dr. Jacob's Pesticide' on them. Go to Chief Carrot once you're done.

Client : Headman Chief Carrot.
We have some strange Fabres at our Carrot Field these days.
They're called Glutton Fabre and they're munching away at our carrots at an alarming rate!!
Our young ones tried to exterminate them, but their layers of fat were too thick for them to penetrate.
I will give you the pesticide Dr. Jacob gave us. Please get rid of those Glutton Fabre!!


Thanks to you, our beloved Carrot Field is back to it's usual state! Thank you so much!
Here. It's not much, but take it as a reward.
Go on, take it.



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