Outraged Dean
Quest Starter: Dean Wilfred Quest Turn In: Knight Kalain
Level: 2 Job: Any
Type: Main Quest Time Limit: None
EXP: 60 Money: 0 Zeny 12 Rupees
Items: None
Quest Series
Previous: Statue of Ignatz Gaebolg
Next: The Knight's Breakfast (1)
Deliver the following item to Knight KalainBlue Emerald Crystal

Look over there. Baby Porings keep coming back to vandalize the statue! What in the world is Kalain doing?! He was always a troublemaker ever since he joined the knightage. Looks like the years hasn't taught him a thing! On the Other hand, Zeras, the most rekless student ever, eventually became a role model and the leader of the Prontera Knightage!!

Go see Kalain now, and give him this stern warning. If he can't do his job as grounds keeper, he's out of here!!

That Kalain! Always loafing around with no real ambition!! And yet Zeras worked his sweat blood to become leader of the Prontera Knightage!!
Huh? Who are you?
Western Mjolnir Mountains

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