PenomenaBar Penomena
HP: 57800 SP: 180
Level: 26 Type: EliteBoss
Attack: Ranged Attribute: Fish
Element: Earth Behavior: Aggressive Exp: 852
Skills: Strongness, Enrage, Berserked, Addicted, Slow Down
Quests: ??? Khara: (Dungeon) Chewy Hydra Tentacle Is So Good for the Body!
Normal Drops: Set of Abyssal Retaliation, Penomena Card
Quest Drops: ???
Location:  Izrud Cave (N)
Penomena (Visual Map showing monsters location)


Our beastmaster used his Grizzly Form to tank most of the damage for us, with our knight and our assassin as an off tank / adds management. Mainly whenever Penomena loses 2k health, it will summon 3 Hidden Hydras which, if the healer is still doing his / her job, will instantly attack your healer and rip them apart. So make sure your healer is prepared to stop focusing your tank and heal themselves while your off tank / dps takes care of the adds. Only when all 4 mobs are being taken care of should the healer resume their job. 

Watch out for the debuff it casts. Addicted states it damages you every 2 seconds, but our group thinks it may be bugged and in fact do the full damage every second, making it a lot harder to deal with. Prepare your AOE heal once its on your group.

Since the boss itself does not have an AOE, Slowdown is in no way threatening as movement isn't required throughout the battle.

After beating the boss it drops two rare equipments from the "Abyssal Retaliation" set. 

-- Safu 

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