Quick Wildrose QuickWildroseBar
Type: General Attribute: Animal
Behavior: Passive Attack: Melee
Element: Poison EXP: 227
Hemorrhage - Decrease Enemy's HP by 6 every 2 seconds for 5 seconds
Fingernail's Scratch - Deals enemy certain amount of damage.
Job: ???
Main: Not Applicable
Khara: Cat Troublemaker
Normal Drops
Wildrose CardShabby RibbonBandit BowINT Potion(III)Spirit of Ruin(I)Earthly Trace(I)Instant Steamed Hill ClamMedium Bag Instant Royal Jelly Herb TeaSTR Potion(III)
Quest Drops
Not Applicable
Gathered Items
Izrud Hill
Quick Wildrose Quick WildroseMap

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