Red Scar
Type: EliteBoss Attribute: Animal
Behavior: Aggressive Attack: Melee
Element: Earth EXP: 612
 Summon Slave - Red Scar Escort
 Hit Rate Decrease - Decrease Enemy's Hit Rate by 20%
 Armor Rip - Decrease Enemy Defense rate by 20%
 Decrease Store Purchase Prices - Enemy is unable to move for 2 seconds.
 Berserked - Enraged and Violent!
Enrage - Increase Attack Power by 100%
 Slow Down - Decrease Enemy's Movement Speed by 50%
Somersault - Deals enemy certain amount of damage.
Roar - Debuffs enemy with Hit Rate Decrease and Armor Rip
Ground Split - Causes the field to slow down enemy
Job: ???
Main: ???
Khara: (Dungeon) Red Scar's Story
Normal Drops
Red Scar Card • Rotten Molars Bludgeon • Rotten Molars Helm •
Quest Drops
Gathered Items
Tough Meat
Wolves Cave (Normal)
RedScar Red ScarMap


Credits to: Nex.Zero

The Red Scar is a surprise. After having a relatively easy time with the two earlier bosses thanks to grouping up with two random people, our group was surprised to figure out that this boss is actually incredibly tough. Definitely NOT an easy job for a recommended level group.

Engage Red Scar from the lower path if possibly (if you approach him from the left side of the dungeon entrance) and lure him onto the bridge to deal with his AOE easier. Initially Red Scar will be accompanied by two more wolves, but if these are ignored, they will eventually return to their original position, so do not bother with them if you don't have to.  When Red Scar howls, he debuffs your entire party, reducing your def. and attack. He also has a dash attack, which knocks down and stuns your party. Though his strongest move is an AOE which cracks open the ground below your party, causing a field that slows you and burns you for 90 - 120~ HP as long as you stand on it. If you are able to get him to use it on the bridge, you can easily escape it and mostly a single person will be affected by it, instead of the entire group.</center>

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