Several Mines are located in Frontera’s South Plain. It best shows the characteristics of oceanic climate west of Prontera. Warm and sunny climate through all 4 seasons.

Type: Field



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General Monsters

Level Monster Name Level Monster Name
1 Fabre Baby 1 Lunatic Baby
11 Bully Poporing 11 Plunder Rackuf
11 Poporing 11 Rapper Poporing
12 Breezy Flip 12 Plain Flip
12 Red Plains Flip 13 Blue Rackuf Baby
13 Blue Rackuf 13 Glutton Fabre
13 Horn Blue Rackuf 13 Spores Flying Poison Mushroom
14 Rabong Bebe 14 Rabong
15 Afanc Chemical Soldier 15 Afanc Laborer
15 Afanc Stormer 15 Afanc Worker
15 Green Pecopeco Baby 16 Green Peco Peco
16 Peco Peco Baby 16 Peco Peco
16 Pecoracer 17 Lady Rodafrog
17 Brown Rackuf Baby 17 Long Tongue Rodafrog
17 Rodafrog 17 Rodafrogu
17 Sunflower Wormtail 17 Whirl Wormtail
17 Wormtail 18 Brown Rackuf
18 Horn Brown Rackuf 25 Mutant Rackuf

Summoned Monsters

Level Monster Name Level Monster Name
6 Slave Poporing 7 Rackuf Escort
8 Ramos's Baby 10 Rackuf Guard

Mini Bosses

Level Monster Name
11 General Poporing
13 Blue Meteor
14 Ramos
15 Crimson Lightning
15 Suspicious Herb Digger
16 Nimble Peco
17 Big Eyes
17 Legendary Pecoracer
17 May Stem
18 Gold Genius

Elite Bosses

Level Monster Name
20 Grand Peco

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