Spirit of Ruin (I)
Type: Materials Required Level: Not Applicable
Selling Price: 0 Zeny 1 Rupee Buying Price: 0 Zeny 10 Rupees
Max Stack: 99 Destructable: Yes
Consumable: No Tradable: Yes
I think I can hear the song that remembers the destruction.
Used For
Crafting Swords, Staffs, Daggers, Maces, Shirts, Processed Materials and Buff Potions.
Obtained From
Not Applicable
Dropped From
Dragon FlyBreezy FlipCruel FreyjanApprentice ApostleQuick WildroseHornet • 
• Unidentified MonsterWorker HornetRockerFabre BebeRomantic RockerOverlooker Hornet • 
• Angry FlipBaby PoringPoringPoor PoringLeisurely FlipChonchonLunaticPlunder Rackuf • 
• Whirl WormtailWildroseBumblebee WorkerPlain FlipFake Flip KingWormtail • 
• Green Peco PecoSunflower WormtailGiant FlipSuspicious PersonLonely Rocker • 
• Invader Goblin GuardSoldier SkeletonAndanora KingDark AcolyteFarshe SecherBrownie • 
• Sand Stalker BabyRed Hellbug AttackerCastoff Hellbug WarriorBig Wild SavageImp of Fury • 
• Warlike CocatriceAmethyst AndanoraRabongMale Wild DeerBright TrancerCountry Mouse • 
• Brown Rackuf BabyRodafrogAfanc StormerLesser ThiefbugCreamyBig FabreMastering • 
• Tasteless TrufflePoisonaAfanc WorkerBrutal FreyjanDark PriestSentinel of NatureBell Wing • 
• Stone SpiderLow Pagan AttackerLow Level ApostleSummon Devil Cashnut • 
• Warm Sapphire LeafcatImperfect Goblin FighterShoot ResearcherRed Plains Flip • 
• Female Wild DeerCoraltusSandyNeedle MandragoraMoist NepenthesPeco Peco Baby • 
• Afanc Laborer
Gathered From
Not Applicable
(Selected) Condition for Creating

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