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Swamp Thiefbug SwampThiefbugBar
Type: General Attribute: Insect
Behavior: Passive Attack: Melee
Element: Earth EXP: 106
Skills: Shell Ram - Deals enemy certain amount of damage.
Job: ???
Main: ???
Khara: ???
Normal Drops
• Swamp Thiefbug Card • Bug Antenna • Medium Bag • Purple Potion(II) • Health Potion(II) • 
• Firmament Essence(I) • Instant Refreshing Green Tea • Instant Rackuf Topped Rice • 
• Mountain Leather Hood • Mountain ShirtSmall BagRoot of Life(I)Firmament Essence(I)Instant Fried PecoMountain StaffHealth Boost Potion(II)
Quest Drops
Not Applicable
Gathered Items
• High Protein Collagen •
Eastern Mjolnir Mountains
Swamp Thiefbug Swamp TBMap

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