Quest Name: The Amazing Breeder Quest Starter: Biologist Torke
Level: 17 Quest Turn in: Biologist Torke
Zeny: 0 zeny 404 Rupee Exp: 1373
Rewards: Tiger Embroidery(II) or Dragon Embroidery(II) Location: South Plain
Missions: Get rid of Big Eyes Series: Previous: ???
Next: None
Defeat Big Eyes and report to Biologist Torke.

Come to think of it, the number of Rodafrogs at the pond has increased dramatically. I wake up in the morning because it's too noisy. I may be becoming an early bird, but it's still too noisy for me.

The abnormal increase in Rodafrogs is because of Big Eyes in the pond. It's breeding capabilities is out of this world! If no one gets rid of it, the world will be full of Rodafrogs!

What Happened?...

Great! You've got excellent skills!


Amazing Breeder map

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