The Knight's Breakfast (1)
Quest Starter: Knight Kalain Quest Turn In: Knight Kalain
Level: 2 Job: Any
Type: Main Time Limit: None
EXP: 68 Money: 0 Zeny 14 Rupees
Items: None
Quest Series
Previous: Outraged Dean
Next: Former Glory
Collect (3) Mjolnir Mushrooms and bring them to Kalain.

Sigh, there goes Wilfred again.  No amount of warning will change a thing.  Why doesn't he deal with the Baby Porings himself? He's always asking others to do his own dirty work.

Any way, I haven't had a breakfast yet... "<Character Name>" , could you go and get some Mjolnir Mushrooms for me? They should be growing somewhere around here.  Even when there's not much work to do, we still need to fill our bellies, right?

"You'll find plenty of mushrooms around here. They only grow here in the Mjolnir mountains, and they're really good."
Oh well, you were kind enough to bring them, so it'll have to do."
Western Mjolnir Mountains

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