Thick Cotton Twine
Type: Materials Required Level: Not Applicable
Selling Price: 0 Zeny 1 Rupee Buying Price: 0 Zeny 1 Rupee
Max Stack: 255 Destructable: Yes
Consumable: No Tradable: Yes
Very strong cotton thread. Can I use to stitch blanket?
Used For
Raw material for fabric
Obtained From
Not Applicable
Dropped From
Not Applicable
Gathered From
PoringPoor PoringBaby PoringMasteringCave SpiderQuick Cave SpiderAracnoa • 
• Cave Spider (2)Quick Cave Spider (2)Aracnoa (2)Worker HornetHornetOverlooker Hornet • 
• Suspicious ManSuspicious WomanRuthless Cave MonsterFarshe Secher • 
• Sunflower WormtailWhirl WormtailMay StemAndanoraAmber AndanoraAmethyst Andanora • 
• Andanora KingPlain FlipRed Plains FlipBreezy FlipPoporingBully Poporing • 
• Rapper PoporingAdventurer PoporingLost PoporingGeneral Poporing • 
• Adventurer King PoporingAdventurer Poporing (2)Lost Poporing (2)Adventurer King Poporing (2) • 
• FlipLeisurely FlipAngry FlipGiant FlipGreat FlipFake Flip KingDark Acolyte • 
• Low Zealot WarriorLow Zealot ScoutDark PriestLow Pagan AttackerLow Pagan Illusionist • 
• Hidden AssailantSuspicious PersonBrutal FreyjanCruel FreyjanPriest Reimond
The Path of a Weaver Begins with Fiber Making...

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