To do List

Updated as of June 25, 2013

Finalized Templates

  • Monster
  • Quest
  • Khara Mission
  • Khara Titles
  • NPC

To Change

  • Edit Map Izrud to Izlude (both Main and Category Page)
  • Edit Map Izrud Hill to Izlude Hill (both Main and Category Page)

To Finalize

  • Monster List (Revision of Format Monster Level 20-50)
  • Khara Titles and Color
  • Khara Mission Episode 1-2
  • Western Mjolnir Map (NPC and Monster List)
  • Card Template
  • Items Template
  • Weapon and Armor Templates
  • List of Recipes

To Gather Data/Photo

  • Monster Map
  • Monster Screen Shot
  • Monster Bar

To Fill Missing Info/Delete/Edit

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