I've been cleaning up the wiki a bit and found a great way to do it easily. so I went to the Special Pages and simply went down a few groups.

I've cleared up all the Broken Redirects and Double Redirects, all that is left to do on cleaning up is Uncategorized Pages (started on this) and Unused Photos.

I think most of the unused photos (if not all) could be deleted. Perhaps the same is true for all the other unused things. As for the uncategorized pages I simply shifted through it and picked some at random then gave them categories that fit the page. Some monsters (ex. Virus) still need a layout update. The same is true for some items.

Aside from all that I had a question for the Admins, on the Khara Mission pages, do the titles need to be linked? ex. Master of Self supply, it gives the title "Poor", should this be made into [[Poor]] to link to the page where the layout for Khara Titles is used?

Anyway, lately I haven't had much time to provide edits (with the odd-day off) but I should be having a lot more time on hands as of lately. Looking forward to seeing the wiki becoming more and more complete :) Keep up the great work everyone :D

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