Vador NoSBar
Type: EliteBoss Attribute: Fish
Behavior: Passive Attack: Melee
Element: Fire EXP: 816
 Summon Slave - ?
Job: ???
Main: ???
Khara: (Rare:C) Vador
Normal Drops
Quest Drops
Gathered Items
Izrud Hill
NO Image NoMap


Vador is one of the first real World-Bosses you will meet. Other than Vespa or Lurker who are Elite this guy is actually very hard if you do not know what to do. Vador has 2 summoning phases wich start at roughly 36,000 HP and 16,000 HP. He will summon two adult crabs and two baby crabs.

As soon as you see the crab adds STOP attacking Vador. Do not damage him at all and focus only on the 4 crabs he will spawn. Do not use AoE attacks to kill them or you will hit Vador with them.

If Vador is damaged while one of the four crabs is still alive he will spawn TWO.. yes TWO mechanical BOSS crabs with 55,000 HP which will result in you getting killed. This is why you should avoid doing damage to Vador untill all his adds are killed. So don't use AoE or multi target skills while the crabs are summoned.

As stated above the first 4-pack of crabs will be spawned as soon as Vador reaches roughly 36.000 HP. The second 4-pack of crabs will be spawned as soon as Vador reaches roughly 16.000 HP.

Plan ahead! 

Also pay attention that all 4 crabs of a phase are killed! Sometimes when no one tags them or they don't have enough Aggro on them, they will reset and run back to their spawn locations where you can overlook them easily. This will usually result in your group thinking that all crabs are dead which then again results in your group attacking Vador and it spawning the two big mechanical Boss Crabs.

Scout the area to make sure all 4 crabs are killed!

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