Very Thin Cotton Thread
Type: Materials Required Level: Not Applicable
Selling Price: 0 Zeny 1 Rupee Buying Price: 0 Zeny 1 Rupee
Max Stack: 255 Destructable: Yes
Consumable: No Tradable: Yes
Very thin cotton thread. Can I stitch the hole of socks with this thread?
Used For
Raw material for cloth fabric.
Obtained From
Materials Needed for Crafting? Quest
Dropped From
Not Applicable
Gathered From
PoringPoor PoringBaby PoringMasteringFlipLeisurely FlipAngry FlipGiant FlipGreat Flip • 
• Fake Flip KingAndanoraAmber AndanoraAmethyst AndanoraAndanora KingWorker Hornet • 
• HornetOverlooker HornetSuspicious ManSuspicious WomanRuthless Cave Monster • 
• Farshe SecherDark AcolyteLow Zealot WarriorLow Zealot ScoutDark Priest • 
• Low Pagan IllusionistLow Pagan AttackerHidden AssailantSuspicious PersonBrutal Freyjan • 
• Cruel FreyjanPriest Reimond
Materials Needed for Crafting? Quest

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