A part of Mjollnir Mountains that divides Prontera and Ashkaron Empire in half. You will begin your journey starting from here. All four side are surrounded by mountains with beautiful and majestic forests.

Type: Field



Main Article on NPCs

General Monsters

Level Monster Name Level Monster Name
1 Baby Poring 1 Leisurely Flip
1 Poor Poring 1 Poring
1 Suspicious Person 1 Training Scarecrow
2 Angry Flip 2 Flip
2 Lunatic 3 Vigilant Scarecrow
4 Hornet 4 Worker Hornet
5 Big Fabre 5 Fabre Bebe
5 Overlooker Hornet 5 Unidentified Monster
6 Apprentice Apostle 6 Low Level Apostle
6 Summon Devil Cashnut 7 Traitor Fritz
7 Summoner Brannel

Summoned Monsters

Level Monster Name Level Monster Name
1 Fission Lump 1 Chonchon Bebe

Mini Bosses

Level Monster Name
1 Mastering
3 Eclipse

Elite Bosses

Level Monster Name
6 Lurker Fly

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